Hi! My name is Sil van Diepen, I create visual things using code and illustrations.

I love creating visual styles using code, illustrations or any way which fits. I can help you with logo,
identities, digital design, illustrations and code. I sometimes post my stuff on platforms like
GitHub, Codepen, Dribbble and Behance. Are you interested? Just contact me 🙂

More about me…

I was born in a small village called Limmen the Netherlands, but grew up in
Heiloo, the next village. Always had a passion for drawing, computers and technology. From building my own
computers to starting a website on Geocities.

Moved to Curaçao in 2010 to see and experience living abroad, came back to Holland to work in a more professional
environment and be able to work on projects for bigger clients. I Currently live in Alkmaar with my wife Yeva and
son Tig. We love to travel and enjoy life.

I’m a creative developer at Divotion where I build all kind of things using Vue and Scss.