And with "this".. I mean this website.

Yeah… there is quite some to tell about this website. Which is iteration number 246462 of my own personal website. It started all on geocities, from there to frontpage, etc.. etc..

Now I’m a professional web developer and use all kinds of tools I couldn’t even think of in the early days. I’ve used quite some in here, but still try to keep it light. Although all the color madness here doesn’t really show what I mean with that.

What it's build on..


For most projects at the moment I’m using Vue + Nuxt. This because its easy, I really like Vue and I truely enjoy building things with it.


WordPress is a great tool, it’s heavy, it’s slow, it’s hacky and theres probably a lot more wrong with it. But it works. I really like to host my CMS myself, I also like to extend it as I want to. That’s all possible using WordPress with it’s API. I have tried many other services and CMS’s but they are either also slow but mainly I miss functionality (like custom fields).

So, to say I’m a wordpress fan? Not really, but it works.

And it's running on...

I guess it’s Amazon, but I’m not directly using AWS. For the frontend I’m using Netlify and the backend runs on a droplet at Digital Ocean.


Simplicity is the thing I love about Netlify, it just works and it’s so easy to set up. Love that!

Digital Ocean

I’ve used the “easy” way to set up a wordpress website with Digital Ocean. I’ve looked into cheap hosting which didn’t work for me. Also WordPress as a service things, but they are really expensive. So just to get my knowledge up a little, I’m using the WordPress hosting thing, from the marketplace of Digital Ocean.

So far i’s actually pretty good! Runs smoothly and don’t have any trouble with it.

Let's dive a little deeper

But thats not all ofcourse. There is way more to tell about what this is running on and using.