From Angular to Vue (Nuxt)

After building websites completely how wordpress wants us to code, I started building websites with Angular (now Angular JS). Making websites work with the wordpress api wasn't all that easy, but I got it done (not alone), a few examples are actually still running live (

Angular was getting old, and soon to be deprecated, the logical way was to migrate to Angular2(+), so that's what happened. It really needed some work and another way of thinking, but we did it. It was my first experience with Webpack and Typescript, but it kept bothering me that I couldn't just do what I was used to with Angular.

There was Vue, the little young, precious Knight in shining armour to the rescue. A new framework with little backing at the time. Many people were talking about it, so I had to see it in action. Starting with some starters and trying to figure it all out. It felt like coming home to a warm bath.

It felt like coming home to a warm bath.

But to my surprise, it actually did more than I expected.. So many things just came out of the box.