Magento shouldn't do frontend

Magento is a good platform (So I've heard) but working with it, coming from a Javascript framework way of working is a hell. I've been working with Magento2 for about a year now. I can't say this is a very pleasant year.

What I dislike most about Magento:
- Magento thinks it can do frontend, but actually doing something takes a hell of a time.
- To create a new template/page you need to add a page, create xml pages, in some way add the js to a file somewhere far away and link these all together, flush, cache, rebuild, etc and hope for the best.
- Magento uses LESS, besides the fact that Less to me feels like the retarded little brother of Sass. It's also by default implemented using "Grunt Less". Which doesnt have the latest LESS features and is slow as fuck.
- Checking out a branch? There we go again... Errors, errors... Composer Install, Upgrades, database errors, fixing it by hand (Where is the "Just-Fucking-fix-it-button"?)
- Magento is Slow
- Did I already say Magento is slow?