As a developer I’m quite visual, or when I’m doing visual things I think as a developer. It depends on the mood :).
But I don’t only code, I also like to create visual things. Like illustrations, icons, logos and Photography.



Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was a little kid, the first camera I had I got from my grandpa. After that I bought my first SLR and now I mainly shoot with my iPhone because I’m too lazy to take the 6D and all gear around. These are a few of the series I’ve made through the years.

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Illustration I do for work and just for fun. Drawing things I’ve been doing from when I was an even smaller boy.
I do different styles and different things. From scratchy till things which take me days to complete.



An obsession for a long time; how can I make something clear with as less color and less as possible? Thats the biggest thing with icons. I’ve made lots of sets in different styles, but it’s always a challenge, especially icons which havent been “defined” yet.

* defined, as in… Many things have been defined, you can try to make something else but better stay with something people already recognise as is.